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Originally Posted by Reedomn View Post
My only question is if the driver did not run over anything? did the damage happen??....not fanning the fire just curious?....valet?...someone else drove it?.....prior to purchasing it?....
The point of this thread is that BMW and/or the dealership is categorizing normal wear and tear as damage to deny the warranty claim. There is no damage to the underside of the car consistent with running over something and the damage BMW is claiming could easily have been caused by small rocks kicked up on the highway.

There are no scratches or dings on the entire car or any of the wheels. The 19" wheels have never had a single bend. The entire exhaust system is in like new condition. Besides what looks like some pebble/rock abrasion on the side of the diff and a scratch on the fuel tank, there is nothing to see.

Someone needs to explain how something which caused 1/8" abrasion on the side of the differential was able to deliver enough force to shear to a 10.9 bolt. Even a high school physics student is competent enough to provide proof that is impossible; as others have stated the impact area would be far larger and the differential cover destroyed.