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Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
Pats vs Houston this Monday. Should be a great game.
it's gonna be a damn good game.

Pats defense doesn't scare anyone, just as Tom Brady isn't scared of the Texans defense.

Brady's line really needs to eat their Wheaties on Monday because we have a d-line and LB corps full of brutal killers....

JJ Watt is the most destructive and desruptive d-linemen in the NFL.

one sack behind being the league leader and he leads the league in batted balls at the line.

that's why he's known as JJ Swatt....

i'm just a little concerned about our secondary - got two guys back there that rarely play, who will try to cover the sickest slot reciever in the league.

Pats running game is going to be non existent too....