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Originally Posted by shah269 View Post
Including top to bottom expenses of R&D and build and ship and over head cost...according to the girl who worked for the company....$20 per bag for a $200 know not a hand bag but the small fucking thing the women buy to look good when they are outside of the club but your sorry hass has to carry it around all fucking night...and god forbid you get it wet or drop it on the floor or piss on it!

Can you belive that shit!? I don't mean to be rude women can be stupid!
I mean if she was going to drop that kind of money...drop it on shoes! Shit or a trip!
Not on a freaking clutch/hand bag! WTF?

But hey WTF do i know?
Unfortunately your ex is wrong. Looks at LVMH's financials, they are a public company. They operate at around 65% GM. That would mean a $200 clutch (which doesn't exist from LV) actually costs $70. $20 would mean 90% GM, which is basically only attainable for software and pharmaceutical companies.

OP, as other said, there is never a sale, and never buy anywhere other than the store or the official website.