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Test drove a 5.0 Mustang and Vette Grand Sport yesterday...

Mustang was kinda sloppy...but the Vette...actually felt pretty nice.

The 5.0 was the RT version which had upgraded wheels, intake and also the Roush exhaust. Sounded amazing but didn't care for the interior at all...very ugly and bland interior. The seats sucked as did everything else. Very plastic feeling inside. Also felt very boat like as well... I felt really high up in the car and just didn't do anything for me.

Went to drive a Grand Sport right after and that was a much nicer car. Still wouldn't buy it as I had the feeling I was sitting in a 30ft long sports car. I had trouble seeing over the hood as it was so damn long. Felt very grounded and the car was completely built around the driver. Seats were great as were the ergonomics around the drivers side. Car had some power too...and the price was great! Big brake kit and a massive engine felt really nice.

Thought I would share...but yes I can see why people buy Vette's. Very great bang for buck!