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Originally Posted by SamS View Post
The facts boil down to this: You hit something, and dealer is going to deny the claim. I have a feeling another dealer is going to give you the same hassle. Find the number to your insurance claims hotline and get that going. Save yourself further headache. This is what insurance is for.
There are several hundred pages of posts on these forums about differential bolt failures. You claim I hit "something". OK, you can only prove through impact analysis when considering the material type that I hit a pebble at highway speed. Would you support the dealer denying a warranty claim on the engine for rock chips on the hood? After all, the hood hit "something."

I do suspect you work for my dealer. Considerable personal expense (insurance deductible + at fault accident on record + insurance rate increase + potential CarFax entries = significantly reduced resale) is not the first recourse of an educated consumer especially when an engineer under oath would laugh at the premise presented by the dealer. It is as easy to call my lawyer as it is to call my insurance, why would you call insurance first? I guess some people just drop their pants and say BOHICA rather than argue.