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Originally Posted by eNCore View Post
Even though I already posted this in the M5 section, I would also like to post it here to see what the general public think!

I would assume people who are in the market for a M5 also have the cash for a M6. $16,000 shouldn't be that big of a difference for a $100k car. So why are there many more M5 than M6? And the number of peolpe viewing the M5 section is always atleast 2x more than the M6 section. Why?

I also considered the M6 before placing my order for the M5. The main reason why I picked the M5 over the M6 is because girlfriend and family (not kids) like the space of the M5 more, and a bit because of the price. Another note; when I sat in the M6 driver's seat it felt squished and uncomfortable. I was a bit surprised that the bigger M6 felt smaller compared to the M3, and I don't even need to talk about the backseat.

So why are there many more M5 than M6? Is it because of the reasons I mentioned above or the look (even though the M6 is gorgeous in it's own ways, but more prefer the look of the M5)?
I replied to your post in the M5 section, but I'll reply here as well. One thing I forgot to mention was I believe that the M6 is still getting the old nav system until 03/13. Not sure if that may be playing a role in a lot of peoples decision.