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Originally Posted by TXmtrhed View Post
I agree that the Paintshield 5720 looks interesting but it appears that it dries to only 3 mils thickness. Certainly enough to protect against rubber but the real culprit in my experience is debris causing paint chips. I wonder if 3 mils is thick enough. How thick is a clear bra? My bra works to stop the debris as the only place I get chips is in the gaps between the bra sections.

As mentioned above, tracking is pretty hard on a paint job.
I've heard it does protect to a certain extent. It can go on pretty thick depending on how much you apply. It was literally created for protection from debris, not just dust or bugs.

Although, your comment and proof that the clear bra doesn't help 100% makes me think twice about clear bras. Then again, couldn't you have put painter's tape in those gaps to prevent the chips?