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Originally Posted by Bbenavitz View Post
Does anyone here run Hoosier R6's on their E90 M3's at the track and what cold and hot pressure do you feel is best? The Hoosier people suggest I run 34 front and 32 back as a starting cold pressure looking for another 8 to 10 on top of this for an ideal hot pressure. Seems kind of high to me. Looking for experienced advise......
Take a look at this document if you haven't already.

Originally Posted by Porschefile View Post
I run slicks, but I agree that the pressures for the E92 are higher than other cars I've ran. It's a heavy car. Part of the problem is managing outside tire wear unless you have 3.5+ camber too. I run 31-32 cold and try to keep it at high 30's (bleed down after session). I'd run a little less if my outsides could take it, but at 2.5 camber it eats them. Listen to the Hoosier techs.
+1. Looks like the OP is on ZCP. Keep an eye on your tires or they may cord very quickly.

Originally Posted by Richbot View Post
Hoosier guide calls for in the neighborhood of 38-40 hot depending on alignment, tire, track, car, etc. no substitute for a pyrometer. They know their tires well
+1 on pyro. The proper way to measure and adjust the effect of camber and tire flation.
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