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Were there any old scorned girlfriends or landscapers working? In my town, they use prison labor to trim tress, weed-wack and they don't give a crap about scratching cars up, at the end of the day, they go back to the jail. Perhaps they decided to screw with your car because they could not cut the hedge? Just a long shot, trying to come up with an answer for you. Any business security cameras in the area that might have picked up pictures of folks in the area during that time? What a frigging nightmare that is. I would love to put those fuckers in jail! Do a police report for your insurance company, perhaps a police cruiser saw someone they knew near your car, again a long shot. One thing for sure, the folks that did that are low life chicken shit cowards. Good example for having a small recording camera/device mounted for security purpose. I feel for you, that sucks

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