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Thanks for the replies.

Originally Posted by roastbeef View Post
the aluminum fins on the differential cooler would be obliterated if they took a blow hard enough to shear a steel bolt.

nobody can argue with that.
Exactly what I was thinking. It was hard not to laugh when they showed me the "damage".

Originally Posted by jjw2331 View Post
I am curious as to why the rear axle carrier, differential and fuel tank need to be replaced... is there damage to the subframe (rear axle carrier)? Is there a puncture in the fuel tank? The differential looks to be hanging but is it destroyed? Was it dragged on the road? From the pictures, you have a broken diff bolt - a common problem with 6mt e9x m3s.
As far as I know, the differential is fine and there is no damage that I know of beside the bolt. Once I saw the differential angle I immediately called roadside assistance even though the car was actually driveable. I think they are grasping at straws -- "oh we deny the claim based on that scratch on the fuel tank, well, we better put in that the entire fuel tank has to be replaced then." Does anyone know how thick the plastic of the fuel tank is? The scratch is probably less than 1/16" deep.

Originally Posted by kaiv View Post
Your other option -if your time is precious and you don't want to fight- is to just bring your car to the nearest reputable independent BMW repair shop and have them extract the broken bolt and install a new one. That shouldn't be more than ~a couple hours of labor.
Two reasons I am preparing to stand and fight with the dealer: 1) I was actually preparing to sell the car before this happened. I think this car is special and mine is a particularly mint example. I want to make sure the repair is conducted 100% properly so there are no issues for the next owner. 2) I feel wronged by the dealer (of which I was a loyal customer) in this case; so it's become a bit of a personal mission for me at this point.

Originally Posted by Transfer View Post
Anyone (you, tire shop, thieves?) jack up your rear end using the diff? Weird problem they found. I hope it works out in your favor.
As far as I know the car has never been on a jack except at this particular dealer and is always parked in a secure garage.

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