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Originally Posted by Crypty
I am coming to terms with the mistake. Actually, I really like the car. Very smooth and comfy ride for my commute and the auto trans is excellent in the clusterfuck of traffic I sit in each day. After owning the M3 as my only car for nearly a year this a really relaxing drive. What's really funny is I see the odometer ticking up and up and it just puts a smile on my face! I feel like I am going for a high score. Every mile of bumper to bumper in the A4 is an M3 mile saved for twisty back roads on a nice day.

My friends are having a good laugh about this too. I should have stuck to BMW because I know damn well what xi means haha

I have one gripe with the A4 at this point. Why the hell does a luxury car from two thousand freaking five have a tape player and no aux in?
I have an 08 VW Touareg, a 60k SUV and it has no aux in or Bluetooth. Mine came with no nav. The VW Group was a bit behind on tech for awhile I think.