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Agree with you on the practicality and everyday driveability of this M car.

I love watching this video review of our current M3.
I not only love it because they recognize the "beauty" of this car, but they review every purpose of having this vehicle, which matches my reasons why i loved M3 all along, and wanted this particular V8 M3.

I love this guy when he says,
Owning an M3 is like having a house cat that is actually a bangal tiger. Youíll get used to it, youíll forget that it is just as crazy as exotic as it really is...and when you have a rare moment to expose somebody else to this car, itís like suddenly opening the door for the Fedex guy, and when he sees, he goes "oh my god, you own a tiger"
i know it sounds all cheesy and all, but this is so true in our daily ownership of the M3. I drive the car everywhere, all the time, in all weather, and sometimes there's a moment when I realize that this car underneath the hood has a special engine capable of 8300 rpm and enough torque and hp to burn the sxxx out of the fat rear tires..

Going side track a bit,but this is sort of the reasons why I am not so impressed with the next M3. Yes the power will be there, it will be fuel efficient, more practical. But back in the day, even just 5 years ago, the M division wasn't like that. They were "crazy", they were able to stick a V10 engine in the M5, a high rev V8 with individual throttle bodies in a small 3 series... and they were mass produced engine!
Not anymore, because they are not allowed. They are not allowed to go crazy on it, they need that mpg regulations, they need to stay under that government limitations, so they will turbo it. not as exotic as the past M3s have been...and the original inline 4 E30 M engine, the silky smooth I-6 E36 and E46, high rev V8 S65 engine...these are the ones that will be remembed as the most "PURE" M engines, not restricted by anyone, anything.