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Originally Posted by Chriskm3 View Post
I don't understand how one spents x amount of money on upgrades for the 335 and pulls on a stock m3 and takes pride In the win. If you want a fair race you should race boosted m3 since the 335 has two turbos combined with a easy tune produce great up gains.
I personally had 335 owners race me and once they find out I have minor work done they seem disappointed.
Not sure if this is redirected towards me? I take no pride, the only car i have a baseline off of is a M3, so it would be nice to see where i stand after my new round of mods etc. DCT M3 i bet is fast as hell.
Im not looking to beat anyone, or make a fair race.

Ill race a boosted M3 no problem if one is around! That would be awesome, but wont help with a baseline for me. But still would be down.

Just would think maybe someone would like to see where there M3 stands against tuned 335i as some friendly runs.