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Originally Posted by persian54 View Post
In Ca, you could actually lemon the car and get your money back starting from your 3k mark.

Not sure on laws from your state.

Weekend car? Get a Boxster or Z4 35i. Drop top + power + handling

M5 isn't a weekend car... it's more of a badass DD.
No go, that would be cool but no lemon law, needs to be more extensive.

I mean when i say weekend car, i mean going out car with friends and family, long trips etc.

I def want a sedan, i have alot of friends and family..

Originally Posted by X RaTeD M View Post
Well if that's the case and its just for a weekend car then dump the 335 since its been in an accident and get the CPO 2010 M5 and also sounds like your heart's set on it as well.
Yea my heart has been leaning towards it just from everyone telling me not worth to keep the 335i after the accident, which seems to be the most important fact.