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Z06 hands down. Although the M3 is a great car for everyday driver and I'm sure at the track its a great controllable car satisfying looks with a little speed. The Z06 will just put a big smile on your face. I sold my E92 M for a family SUV... leaving extra money to get another toy. I got the bug for speed again while looking for a Z06 I came across a 98 supra that I did a single turbo conversion and re tuned for 620 HP to the wheels. I can tell you I never think about my M much anymore this car is crazy strong and to think I was going to spend 10k on a supercharger only to get 500 hp and worry about blowing it every time I start the car. I can smack on this thing all day and only worry about tires. The Z06 is a great car all you have to do is drive it and you will be smilling ear to ear.
It's plain insanity Toyota stopped making the Supra. They had the formula down, I just don't get it.