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Originally Posted by SpiralOut View Post
But the DCT....... I'm torn. Going up through the gears at full throttle was fricken amazing, the sound was glorious. But when not at full throttle it was kinda just like a regular auto with faster/better shifts. Not sure if I'm ready to give up the manual. Anyway, I think i'm all in at this point as long as the numbers work out.
Very hard choice, I liked the DCT too and it is the faster transmission, I lived with DCT for a couple weeks and I got bored, but it was smooth and cool to hear the downshift blips! you can even get software I believe to make it even faster and shift harder. If you plan to SC the car to 650hp, I'd go for DCT probably.

BUT, I decided the 6MT feeling of rowing through the gears and executing sweet heel-toe shifts was part of enjoyment of driving.