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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
i see, sounds like it's a good fit for you. not a bad machine, but i feel it's overpriced for what you're getting. you said you sold your mac air so i assumed you were looking for a better value. the chromebook is a decent machine (looks like a mac air). but it has to be online, has no file system, and the cpu was noticeably slower than my acer dual-atom. even tablets have storage.

but yeah, you can return it so no loss if you don't like it. did you buy it from sam sung? i kid, i kid
Haha. But for $200 its crazy good deal i think. I sold the air cuz my work provides me with pro. and i used my air like 5-6 times in 1.5 years. So i thought it's just money sitting there for no reason and this is probably the best time to get best money for it. Samsung one is nice but it's not appealing. It's just a copy of air. Acer looks sharp imo.