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Well, you guys are talking me into it. But then again i did post this on an M3 forum so i kinda knew you would.

To answer some of the questions above, I may or may not have been to a few high performance driving events. I spent quite a bit trying to make the 335 a track car and it just doesn't work very well. I have coils, M3 front suspension bits, 2 piece rotors with track pads, camber plates, etc. Coils do help a lot to control the body roll, but's it's still a fricken pig on the track.

So anyway, I have never driven a DCT and saw my local dealer had a used one on the lot.... went down over lunch and test drove it. First of all i was very impressed with the feel of the M3. I drove one a few years back, but it was a pretty stripped down one with 18's on it i believe. This one was a 2012 ZCP coupe with only like 10k on it. Even with my suspension mods the M3 felt so much more planted and stable than my 335. But the DCT....... I'm torn. Going up through the gears at full throttle was fricken amazing, the sound was glorious. But when not at full throttle it was kinda just like a regular auto with faster/better shifts. Not sure if I'm ready to give up the manual. Anyway, I think i'm all in at this point as long as the numbers work out.