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Originally Posted by badazzm View Post
Hmm. I don't have any files. Need it just for internet. I have an netbook. The first one that ever came. Asus eee pc. But its fat, old and a little small at 10 inches. 11.6 should be better. I ordered from tigerdirect since bestbuy is out. So was just asking if anyone has it and liked it. I can always return it I guess if I dont like it. Appreciate ur feedback.
i see, sounds like it's a good fit for you. not a bad machine, but i feel it's overpriced for what you're getting. you said you sold your mac air so i assumed you were looking for a better value. the chromebook is a decent machine (looks like a mac air). but it has to be online, has no file system, and the cpu was noticeably slower than my acer dual-atom. even tablets have storage.

but yeah, you can return it so no loss if you don't like it. did you buy it from sam sung? i kid, i kid