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Okay so im back! Welding Works in Orange, CA is the shit! If you guys want any custom welding jobs they are the guys. They noticed that my entire install was wrong (done by Bullet Performance)

They reinstalled my exhaust and automatically if fit much better. However there was still a deviation of about 4mm in height between the two tips. So the cut off the right elbow and tip and dropped it to match the left side. They also noticed that the slip on clamps were pretty crappy so they added a few tig welds at those joints.

My car sounds even better. The drone is almost 100% gone! Im guessing that the poor installed and loose connections at the clamps caused more resonance than expected. My car sounds exotic and has more grunt down low. Its pretty damn amazing what you get for $550. ALl in all, I spent $550 for the exhaust, $180 to Bullet Performance (for nothing), and $75 at Welding Works to install and correct all the flaws. Not bad. I wouldn't trade this exhaust for anything else.

I will try to post a video but honesty from all the videos that I have seen/heard doesn't sound the same! You have to hear it in person. Its much more refined that you would expect from a $600 exhaust.

I am a big fan of this Megan exhaust and I have heard the Akro Evo, and the Akro slip on. To me its sounds just as good or better.
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