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Originally Posted by Alan l. View Post
Cert. pre-owned for how long though? I heard the SMG unit in the M5 is very problematic and the cost to fix/replace it is astronomical once out of warranty. If you are covered all around for a long time then go for it. The E60 M still looks sick with minor mods and the sound that thing makes is to die for.

until middle of 2015.. Which is the only reason im thinking to go with it.

Plus, only major issues ive seen are smg pumps going and alike parts.

My 335i had a bad HPFP at 3K miles, then a injector gone at 28K, dealer replaced 3 injectors. Now im getting misfire at 29K on my other injectors, dealer has to reaplced coils and injectors.
Starting to become a headache with these misfire now. Otherwise car has been solid and reliable.
But engine wise, the M5 seems to be without many faults.

Thanks for the advice
Originally Posted by ragingpanda View Post
I would get rid of the 335i but I would never consider the E60 M5. Way better cars out there in that price range if you do some research.
I did... I want a 4 door.. And for 50K, not much with the performance/size and warranty.

Thanks for the advice!

C63, too small.. seems smaller then my E90, and interior is cheap!!
E90 M3.. Cant justify myself getting one since the power of my car currently so much overall better. And setting in one, seem so alike my E90 LCI Msport.
A used 2011/2012 550i, nice car but cant really bring my self to get one over the M5 performance stock over the 550i
Thanks for the advice!

Originally Posted by Ammonia View Post
Why not another 355i? Why not an M3? Why not a newer 550? Why not (insert many of the better options out there)?
This is my second 335i. Im done with them for now, especially if I get rid of this one. M3, as I mentioned, when I drive it and sit in it, reminds me of my current car too much, and powerwise is a downgrade for me. C63, like I mentioned is too tight and small inside and way too cheap interior.
new 550i is nice, but stock for stock, the E60 M5 performs better and is a M car.
Appreciate the advice.

Originally Posted by KwlAznKid View Post
regardless if you decide to get the m5 or now get RID of your e90, it's been in an accident and sill kill your resale value
Yea this seems to be a very important issue and something that might be the MAIN and MOST important reason to get rid of the 335i.
Thanks for the reply!