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Originally Posted by Aro1 View Post
Sorry but I don't think an M3 provides 90% the driving experience of an exotic such as a 458. It's not "90-95% of what the exotics are in terms of exclusivity, style, and pure performance." That's fan boy talk at it's best. No way. I have driven one as well as several other exotics and there is no comparison. This is really apples and oranges. Let's face it, if a true car enthusiast can really afford an exotic (especially a brand new one) then they would add one to their stable in addition to other cars such as an M3, SUV, etc. Why? Because they can and because it's something they enjoy...same with any high end watch. Even if it's only driven occasionally, it's worth it. No offense, but in my experience most anesthesiologists and physicians in general cannot "afford" an exotic, esp. a new one, unless they are living beyond their means, retired, or doing something on the side. To really "afford" these cars without having to worry about maintanance or depreciation you probably need to be comfortably pulling in well over a million, excluding any major expenses/debts.

So to answer your question, if you can really afford an exotic then fantasy isn't better than reality.
You are probably right in your assessment. It certainly is more than just the cost of buying. No different really for people who aspire to the M3. It is more than just buying the car itself. On a different note, however, don't make assumptions about people without knowing all the facts, especially the extremely limited information you may get about someone through an internet discussion forum like this. I think you know what I mean
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