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Originally Posted by Desert_Fox View Post
It def has a party atmosphere, but the admissions requirements and academics are no joke.


Top 10 public school in country.

Freshman Applicant Statistics (Fall 2012 Entering Class)

Applicants: 55,249

Admitted: 24,622 (45.0%)

4.07 average GPA
1922 mean SAT I score
Estimated Enrolled: 4,650

3.91 mean GPA
1851 mean SAT score
41% GPA of 4.0 or above
609 mean Verbal SAT score
634 mean Math SAT score

It's def not bad for a public school.

It really pisses me off when my dad's co-workers or a random person gives me shit about going to UCSB "Oh that school sucks". Oh, well where'd you go? Northern Arizona, South Dakota, XYZ church's $50k college? Get off the high horse.
no offense but i really don't think those stats are accurate, although it is nice to see my school as the number 8 public school in the US there is no way that's true, those stats must be based on something else, by no means am i saying UCSB is a "bad" school, it is a good school but top 10? don't think so to be honest..


to be fair i don't think ucsd is even close to number 8 either
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