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Megan exhaust...another one

I kept flipping back and forth between the oem exhaust mod and the Megan. Well i ended up getting the Megan. It was a bit of a pain to fit. A few pieces of mounting hardware were missing and fitting it was not so great. After playing with it for a while i got almost perfect but the left side hung a couple mm lower and the right side was not centered in the bumper cutout.

I could not stand the imperfection.

The car is now at Welding Works getting custom fitted... I am typing this as I am waiting....I will let you know how it turns out.

On another note. Sound wise, it sounds great! very little drone. very easy on the ears at highway speed. louder and deeper down low and a slightly amplified exotic note of the original engine sound up high.

The actual build of the exhaust is damn good for the money. And it seems to weigh about 37lbs which is much lighter than the OEM which i think is 55lbs. I wish the tips didn't have the Megan logo but it still looks much better than the OEM tips.

I will update this once it's finished from Welding Works.
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