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Originally Posted by IrishCoffee View Post
I don't think that community college offers the same experience as going to a 4 year university where you are away from home right out of high school. The growing experience that occurs for most people in those first 2 years is invaluable and the experiences and friendships gained are irreplaceable. I'm still close friends with many people I met in those first 2 years... that was 14 yeras ago.

Also, at many schools you can't transfer into some of the more desirable majors. I went to UCSD. You couldn't transfer into Computer Science from a JC. The program was too crowded.

When you look at those friends and are jealous that they don't have to work as hard, realize that many of their credits will not transfer (pariticularly if you study a science of any kind). Also, later on you will realize that the hard work you are putting in will pay off. Work ethic goes a long way and this is preparing you for the working world.

One last thing... you're at UCSB man! It's beautiful, has tons of girls, is party central, AND is a quality school. While you're buddies are living at home saving money and effort, you are truly experiencing what will likely be your most important growing years and some of the best moments of your life.

Have fun, experiment with weird shit, be safe, and get laid. You're in the right place.

UCSD alum here as well loved it there, wish i could go back and do another 4 years

and bak to the original topic, i took a few classes at jc and it's not that it's..EASY (i mean it is) but they even used some of the same books we did at ucsd but it'sj ust that at jc over the summer, the curve is INSANE, u get like 25% right and its an A because everyone just does so bad there, at ucsd you get an 85% and it's MAYBE an A- after the curve

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