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OP, i made my original post before you contacted me. Yes, i was pissed and felt that others should know who they are dealing with. I made a follow up post after you contacted me the following afternoon.

I am sorry about what happened to your grandfather and hope everything is ok. The problem i have is you not contacting me. You made me waste several hours of my life because you thought your life/time was more important than someone elses. The first time it happened was acceptable, the second time, with no response/reply, nothing, is flat out disrespect. Let me tell you that we all have problems and things to deal with. But there is something called Common Courtesy which can be very powerful. All that was needed was a simple text/call/pm.....whatever.

One thing that keeps popping into my mind is that while i was on the way to meet you, i ran into traffic because the freeway was down to one lane. I thought i might be a few minutes late so i was about to text you and let you know out of Common Courtesy. But the traffic cleared up and i showed up on time.

Anyways, I appreciate the apology but im done with this and hope that everything works out for you.