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Dear all,

I just had some suspension work done by a shop. I got my car back, the headlights were pointing way up. the shop only manually adjusted the headlights down by turning the screws and refused to do this simple adjustment for me because "we looked at other BMWs in our lot and the sensors all looked the same (hanging down) way, so we reinstalled it right and we are not gonna touch it", and then I showed them the trunk loading test (headlight tilts with trunk load) and they told me "well, the car has to be in motion over 5mph before the sensors will kick in" -_-|||

since I dont have a jack at home, my questions are:
1. is there an easy way to test this? if I can some how reach the sensor without a jack, am I able to move it up/down without taking off the 10mm screw?
2. if the sensor is working, what should I expect from the trunk loading test? how quickly does the sensor and headlight respond? if I just rock the back of the M3 up and down, do sensor and headlight react fast enough to respond?