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Back in the Fold

Reluctantly I traded in my Daker Edition M3 back in Feb as it was approaching end of warranty and I needed a 'family car'. The Dakar was my second E92 since the start of '08 so I was a little sad to be 'downgraded' to a 335d Touring.

However the V8 gods have smiled favourably on me and I pick up my next E92 next week - excited much. Thought I would save myself some cash this time and I have gone for a 12 month old, rather than a new - the poor bugger who bought it paid 66k, I picked it up for 40k. 9k on the clock, but its fully loaded including the service pack! Oh how I whooped when the dealer told me.

Believe or not this is my first DCT, I have been manually previously, this one also has the competition package, so should handle a little like the Dakar Edition. Any thoughts on the DCT & Comp package combo?

Anyways, happy to be back behind the wheel of an M3.