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Originally Posted by ASU View Post
Thanks for the follow up. I spoke directly with Continental tire today and they confirm that this would create uneven wear and cause them to wear faster than expected along with performance issues as well. In addition, he felt it was quite possible that the front tires would also be impact by uneven wear.

As for the depth I have less than 4/32 left and at this point I have 10,000 miles on the rear tires with uneven wear. Basically shot.

I am not following up with BMW to see what they will do to compensate me for this.
Seems like BMW might at least give you a good deal on labor for a future install given the mixup.

With regard to tread wear, 10K miles with 4/32 left is actually pretty normal for rear tires on the M3. So while you might have gotten better life out of them with the tire mounted the right way, your result was within what is normal for this car. Some guys have reported rears totally gone by 8K miles with tires mounted correctly and no track days.
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