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Originally Posted by carve View Post
No idea what this has to do with the invisible sky daddy, but here's how I read this

1) You have a problem with women who are comfortable with their own sexuality. This isn't the year 1564. It doesn't reduce her value so long as she doesn't have some weird disease. "Sloppy seconds"? You had no problem fucking her. Why should he?

2) You're a guy who satisfied her sexual desires for a little while, which was all she wanted for a while. Now she wants to settle down and is looking for other qualities. As you implied, in her culture, a big one might be a guy who doesn't mind taking care of her parents. really but kind of sort of.
This is one of those issues better discussed over a beer than over a key board.
I’m 100% find with a girl having a good time. Hell if girls didn’t want to have a good time none of us would get any action.

My issue, and maybe it’s just me…my friend openly admits that the guy she is about to marry , was not her type and still isn’t her type.
I may not have made that clear enough. And I’m sorry if it didn’t come off that way…it was very late in the day.

But yeah ok I’m find if he were her type…hell I think we all should end up with people who are our type…but she more or less ignored this guy al of his life because he was not her type. And is about to marry him…and he is still not her type but….he’s doing very nice things for her and her family. And well I find that offensive…for she is using him.

After all how would you feel if the woman you were about to marry…didn’t think you were her type?
Just sounds like she is using him and well…a good start to a tragic ending.