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Had both. Plastidip when done right is durable and it lasts. You will have to adjust your washing technique a bit. People claim that it does not last as long as vynil but that is why I love plastidip. I have sprayed my cars whitle. Black. Blue. And yellow. And for roughly about 300 per car u can spray your car every 6 months or a year different colour of choice.
To wrap a car cost was 2600 for 3m wrap. The finish is beautiful but it is very labour Intensive. One may try to Wrap himself then the product costs about 1000 for a roll of vynil. Plastidip looks great and its a Diy if you like the flat matte look. If you prefer glossy finish vynil is the way to go. Plastidip sells the glassifier but its nowhere near close in quality to vinyl glossy finish. It's a simple calculation really. For the price of wrap you can plastidip your car 5 times in different colours.