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Originally Posted by nikitino25 View Post
What do you guys use on your E9x M3 steering wheel to clean and condition it? I just picked up a brand new M3 wheel and noticed the leather is more of a soft matte type. Should I put anything on it right now being that it's brand new? Anybody use leatherique on these wheels? I don't want to put something on that will make it shiny. I searched but couldn't find a definitive answer on the best product or method to use....
I've used Zaino Leather Cleaner on it only. It will clean it and not over dry it, making it OEM in look (not shiny). If it's new, just leave it alone for now. Clean it with the cleaner every other month and the Zaino leather conditioner every 6 months (not shiny either, but I wouldn't use it very often - no need).