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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
OK, then how is it recorded that Pharoah died?
Ramesses II probably died of a tooth abscess. It was probably complicated by arthritis. Based on his mummy he was probably around 90 years old. The immediate cause of death could have been a tooth abscess in the mandible. Here's a link and here's a quote under the heading "Mummy":
For the last decades of his life, Ramesses II was essentially crippled with arthritis and walked with a hunched back,[25] and a recent study excluded ankylosing spondylitis as a possible cause of the pharaoh's arthritis.[26] A significant hole in the pharaoh's mandible was detected while "an abscess by his teeth was serious enough to have caused death by infection, although this cannot be determined with certainty."[27] Microscopic inspection of the roots of Ramesses II's hair revealed that the king may have been a redhead.[28]
Nope - not killed by God while crossing the "Parted" Red Sea.

Now what are you going to come up with me wonders ????

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