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If you are buying a "luxury" product then you are going to pay the premium-theres no point in even asking about "sale" in the world of luxury retail. You always buy LV's from the store to ensure that its real and not fake. If you want, you can always buy your girl a fake Louis Vuitton from Korea. I was told that Louis Vuitton sends all their bags to Korea to get them sewn together, then they send it back to Paris for finishing touches. The left over fabric is then scrapped together to make a "fake" louis vuitton bag. So in a sense, the material is genuine but the bag is fake (no serial number)- so make sure to tell your girl its fake cause if she brought it into the real LV store for repairs, she would walk out in embarassement when the clerk tells her "sorry, its a fake". Why not buy her a nice coach bag or even Michael Kors?
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