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Originally Posted by Inspired View Post
Lakers didnt lose because of Dwight. He shot above his season average. He actually made 50% of them.

NBA article:

If you look deeper into the stats, Lakers committed 19 turnovers and couldn't even contain Rockets on the offensive glass. Lakers lost because of poor defense not because of Howard.
He wasn't the only reason we lost, however his free throw shooting was one of them.

Originally Posted by ChineseGuy View Post
And again...we lost because of poor defense. Howard is a 50% FT shooter his whole career. He shot 50% that night. No surprise there. Normally "hack-a-50% shooter" strategy doesn't work because giving the other team a 1 point possession will not help unless you're guaranteed to score in EVERY of your possession. If you can guarantee that, then sure...go hack-a-dwight.

However, this works on Lakers because we play terrible defense, making it easier for them to score on their possession to make the "hack-a-dwight" strategy worthwhile.

So even if Dwight's FT shooting is our reason for losing(it's not), we can only blame the coach for not doing anything when a 50% FT shooter shoots 50% during that game.

Personally, I'm a Kobe fan for life, but I have to admit, our failure is largely due to Kobe's lazy defense. I'm sure Kobe is capable of playing great defense, since he's been in the All defensive first team for years, but lately (I'm talking the last few YEARS) he hasn't been playing ANY defense. He often just stands there and not rotating while the other team kicks it out for the open 3s.

That 40 point 4th quarter we had with Orlando was one of the best examples. There were a couple possessions where we have a 4v5 advantage, but yet Kobe refuses to defend/rotate, so magic gets a dunk or uncontested shot. Letting the other team shoot an uncontested shot when you have 1 more person for REALLY sad.

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Originally Posted by bmw1racer View Post
Lakers finally find a team they can beat, defeating the Hornets, 103-87... No fourth quarter meltdown this time.
Feels good to get a win no matter the opponent. Most importantly it was nice to see the bench play so efficiently.

Jordan Hill is a beast and just keeps proving he should be getting playing time.