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Originally Posted by IrishCoffee View Post
When you say 4 track days does that mean that there will be 4 days of HPDE? The website didn't have much info.

I'd be very interested in doing 2-3 days up there as it would make it worth the trip up north.
For Oktoberfest, yes, there will be 4 straight HPDE days as I understand it. There will also be 2 days of autocross, a CCC, along with concours, rallies, and other social events. It's basically about a week long affair with lots of stuff going on throughout the week.

GGC's website won't have a lot of info about it as it's a national BMWCCA event - so more details will be on and in the Roundel magazine. GGC as well as other west coast chapters will be helping out to run and staff the events of course, but it's a "national" event, not our local chapter. IIRC more information about Oktoberfest comes out around 6 months before, in the spring. Sorry I don't have more details at this time. I've never attended one myself - it's been a long while since it was held on the west coast!

No idea what our chapter is going to do HPDE wise for 2013 yet. Will post when I hear something.
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