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I feel your pain, and I've definitely been down the "it will never be the same" road before. My car has endured several valet-related incidents, all of which have required a complete repainting of the various affected panels. With a complex color like Silverstone, you'd think that the car would be a hodgepodge mess of mismatched panels. This was my fear, at least.

I have to say, the paint matching technology has come a long way. The high-end shops are very, very good at repairs of this variety. I've tried my best to identify a difference - bright light, low light, etc. - no matter how I look at it, I cannot see a single discernible difference.

So take a deep breath, try to relax, and trust in the shop that is going to handle the repair. If they're good at what they do, you should soon enough find yourself in my shoes - i.e., having forgotten that any damage happened in the first place. Best of luck.
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