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Originally Posted by SpiralOut View Post
So here's the deal, I have a e92 335 now coming off it's 3 year lease soon. Before that i had a 2007 335i sedan for 3 years. So 6 years of having an N54 (and not one bad fuel pump..... I've been lucky I guess).

This is my current car:

So I have a chance to turn this car in at lease end and lease a new M3 pretty much fairly loaded the way I want it for only about $100-150 more per month than I'm paying now.

I like my car, it only has 30k and has given me no problems. With coilovers and other mods it's a fun and quick car. So is the M3 really worth it? For people that have gone from modded 335 to M3 do you ever regret it? I'm close to pulling the trigger, but just want some advice from others before i do.
So you are basically following my lead.

Not one issue in 6 years with 2 different 335's.

In late 2006 I order a 6MT e90 335 and picked it up in February 2007. It was tuned + downpipes.

I carried over those mods to a 6AT e92 335 and subsequently added PWM meth, LSD, coils and Mich PSS. This 335 was a beast and ran dead even with two Stage 1 Supercharged M3's. It was also very competent at the track. Not great, but it surprised many by never limping and pulling on 700 HP cars who were suffering heat soak. I just disassembled this car and turned it in. It will be missed tremendously. 450 RWTQ at 3,000 RPM is just insane as a daily driver, particularly as the car hooked up like it was on hot slicks.

Anyway I now have a 2013 e92 DCT ZCP M3. It was stock for 900 miles until I added the ESS VT2 600 supercharger and catless exhaust. This car is leaps and bounds far superior to my modded e92 335. However, if I had to keep the M3 stock, I'm not sure I would be so happy as the M3 felt very slow to me. It's probably the quicker track car, and it's much more comfortable DD than a coil-over 335. But it's hard to get away from that visceral experience with the rawness of the 335, particularly with loud turbo spool from the DCI/dps/tune. I've now given up that rawness for the loud crackle of the DCT shifts with the catless exhaust and the 125 decibel level screaming redline pulls from the SC M3.

Anyway good luck with your decision. Let me know if you need any other info.
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