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Originally Posted by Letsrunem8 View Post
I have passed calculus II, but that was the furthest I went since no additional math was needed for my major.

Engineering IMO is definitely on the rise, and the jobs are there. Another reason why I want to get into it.
You're going to leave here with a whole pile of salt, but here's my input

I graduated in 2007 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, specializing in biomedical. My specialization led to me taking a bunch of biology, anatomy and graduate level clinical classes my senior year. I mention this because it essentially means I missed out on a whole year of more dedicated engineering classes. Despite "missing out" on that last year, as a mechanical engineer, you will have still taken at least two levels of fluid mechanics, at least two levels of thermodynamics, statics, mechanics, materials, vibrations, machine design, basic physics (Bare in mind that the physics classes for engineers are usually more specialized a) to the type of engineering and b) to the fact the class is full of engineers), a whole semester dedicated to your SR project, and a whole fuck of a lot of math. More math than I ever wanted to do. As others have mentioned, most undergraduate engineering degrees will take you at least through differential equations, and in the case of mine, some crap I can't remember because it was never useful to me and because it was taught by someone I couldn't understand

I'm not trying to dissuade you from pursuing the engineering degree, just trying to show that there may be a lot of preparation required to get ready.

I went straight from undergrad in to an engineering position in the oil industry. Spent a few years as a field engineer. Spent a few years as a project engineer, and about 5 years after graduating I moved to the business side of things. Would I do it all again? Others have said no... I still say yes. I'm not sure that I'd be in the position that I'm in if I hadn't.

Good luck. Keep us posted

Oh, and we are hiring a good number of engineers, so I believe there is still a market out there - I actually think its harder to find a job with a masters or phd than it is with a BS, and then you have to consider opportunity cost.
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