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Originally Posted by UncleWede View Post
How is it recorded that Pharoah (Ramsis?) died? In the recordings of the groups of slaves that did build the pyramids, Egyptians may not have recorded them as Jews, but my their national birth origin. Being Jewish does not invoke a national heritage any more than being Islamic, Buddist, or Christian.

En, I'm not sure I have ever heard the story about Noah dancing butt naked and drunk. I'm not the end-all source of biblical text, but I think I probably would have remembered that one.

Jesus often taught about the Jews vs. the Gentiles. There were times when he tried to show via shame that even Gentiles (all us non-Jews, including Romans) could come to beleive without the lifelong religious training, yet the Jewish leaders would not come to beleive in spite of all they had been taught, because they were lacking in FAITH.

FAITH is something completely different than historical proof, and OFTEN goes against what the world may show as logical truth. In speaking of Jesus as teh foundation of Chritianity, "The stone the builders have discarded has become the cornerstone"
The pyramids were not built by slaves. It has been proven that highly skilled and well paid Egyptian artisans built the pyramids.
Check out: - it tells us:
Who Built the Pyramids?

Contrary to some popular depictions, the pyramid builders were not slaves or foreigners. Excavated skeletons show that they were Egyptians who lived in villages developed and overseen by the pharaoh's supervisors.
You may like this version of Noah getting pi$$ed drunk and dancing nudie