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Originally Posted by geekgirl View Post
so.... i have an '06 MINI Cooper S with the BMW MKIV Nav System. I have tried downloading the set kmarei hosted, burning them 1x, 2x, 4x.. at once, and more. I cannot get the disks to be recognized in my drive. The dvd that is in there is a burned dvd so it isn't that it can't read them.

I tried buying these: from seller neco223 on eBay. No dice.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to get my maps updated? You would have a highly grateful fan in me. I got the OS to update, just cannot get the map disks right.
Given that the you have a 2006, I am assuming have the "disc based" system. By this I mean, that you have a disc in the system at all times to provide the map data. I am not familiar with what constitutes a "MKIV" system, so hence the presumption based upon model year.

The downloads discussed in this thread are for the hard drive based system that BMW introduced in 2009. The discs are only used to load the data to the hard drive and do not remain in the drive for functionality.

If you have the disc based system, then perhaps Ebay may be the best source.
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