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Originally Posted by fuddman View Post
In the USAA deal, USAA negotiates a price for you depending on what zip code you want to buy from. The negotiated price (and they are good ones) you'll find differs from dealer to dealer. If you go to the USAA auto buying website, put in various zip codes until you find one that's getting you the price you like and it will lead you through the process to contact the dealer. From that website price, you deduct BMW Holiday cash and whatever other Christmas $$$$ BMW is passing out. That's how mine happened.

Good luck!
So, if I understand correctly, the USAA discount is not like holiday cash. Meaning, if I have already had the hard negotiation with the dealer and have something like $1000 or whatever over invoice, USAA benefits won't help me.

In reading the site and threads on here, I thought it was more like the "holiday cash", where I take my negotiated price and then apply some sort of "discount" to bring it even lower.

Is my understanding correct?