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Buyer Beware!!!!!!!!

This guy has flaked on me twice now.
We first agreed on a deal several weeks ago and he keeps advertising that this piece is still for sale.

Couple weeks ago we agree to meet up so that i can make the purchase, so i start making my drive, which is on the other side of the city, and he texts me while im en route and tells me he cant make it. Fine, i turn back around. At this point im becoming a little hesitant with the deal now. Things sometimes happen but he texts me as im on my way and tells me he cant make it with some weak ass excuse. Whatever.

So we agree to meet again and Im thinking that its all good because when we text each other, this guys seems like a cool, stand up dude, so ill give him another chance. Well, last night, i make the drive out there again, cancelling all other plans I had, and wait and Wait and WAIT and this bitch ass never shows up. I try to contact him and NOTHING. NO RESPONSE, NOTHING.

What kind of dickhead pulls this shit? I even contacted him asking him if he's ok, just to give him the benefit of the doubt. But he still has not gotten back to me, which leaves me to think that he's just full of shit, a scammer, or just your plan, old fashioned asshole.

I would think twice before buying anything from this guy.