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Originally Posted by Z K View Post
Did you watch the whole video? They explain that the X3 is supposed to be a smaller X5 but it is not.

I've been in a few X3s... The ride is terrible, it looks terrible, the interior is cheap and really it has no place selling at its listed price. You can get a RAV4 or CRV and they are better in every aspect and a lot cheaper. The X3 really is a bad car designed to fill a gap in BMW's line up. Not very much effort went into it and it shows.
The current x3 is within an inch in every dimension of the original x5, yes, and I would gather that its not much smaller than the current x5 (which I am sure grew from the original x5)... But keep in mind that an all new x5 is on the way and it looks even bigger than the current x5. Perhaps its size will make more sense when the new x5 arrives.

I didn't realize they were not selling well, is there a place you can reference this information? I might be intrigued to low-ball a dealer on one... As for the ride, all BMW's ride rough, this is probably because every road in the US is beyond $h***y. As for the interior, I think it looks fantastic, it looks the same as any other BMW right now... This is the first poor review I've read on the x3, can you point me to others? When the SAV was release, it was praised in reviews as being much better than the outgoing SAV...

Have you driven an x1 yet? I felt like it was REALLY cheap inside, but the x3 has a better feel to it than the x1 in my opinion...

Perhaps I have only looked at top-of-the-line 35i M-Sports, for example...

I prefer subtle interiors, my ZHP is black cube trim on black leather with anthracite head-linter (etc). The interior on the 4er concept (for example) is hideously showy in every way. I'm sure its just for concept purposes, but wow...

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