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Originally Posted by asdflkijd View Post
What an old thread.. Just thought I'd update on what happened with the whole pup situation. We decided that we were 100% sure we wanted to raise a pup. Brought home the 6 week old Golden From the breeder, we spent months looking for one at the shelter and I even contact the Golden Retriever rescue but no avail.

The past year living in a 1 bedroom apartment with our new puppy was quite the challenge but nonetheless great. There were two parks nearby and many parks to take him to. Always took him out for walks rain or shine (and in washington, its mostly rain). We also took him to doggie daycare on long work days and when the weather was too much.

Since then, we've moved into a home with a huge yard and I can't say he gets more exercise than before when living in a small apartment. He's a great tempered pup and just loves to be around people and other dogs.

So- to answer my initial question when I started this thread, raising a dog in an apartment is not so bad. Yes it wasn't easy, but if I had to do it again I would.

Glad it worked out for you and please post a pic of the dog! I think just about any dog can be raised in an apartment as long as owners like you understand the responsibility and the sacrifices (mostly in time, sometimes in money as well) that are necessary to make it work. It's all worth it in the end!
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