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The thing that is very odd and also the only positive thing going for it is the use of the carbon fiber boot lid. So random to put any R and D into a carbon fiber boot lid for one special edition run? Makes no sense. Anyway atleast that is SOMETHING other than paint and stickers that every other special edition is.

It is worth considering the simple fact that the base m3 was simply a flawless car for the purpose and for the purpose of this car for 99 percent of buyers it really does not need anything, including more power. This care is so balanced where the power delivery fits the tranny and fits the neutral-oversteer balanced chassis given you have fine control of the linear power curve.

So while you can look at it as bmw being dumb, which I agree with, I guses we could take the opposite view that the m3 is simply so good that there really is not a lot to improve on unless you stroke the engine out