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More often than not…god proves me right!

More often than not…god proves me right!

Sit down boys while I enjoy my late afternoon eat before I head to the gym and then home.
My friend B who use to be a friend with benefits (half Afghani half Asian) give me a buzz yesterday.

Shah “Sup B haven’t seen you in ages! How is Hong Kong treating you buddy! Keeping it sexy?”
B “Yeah Shah have some great news!”
Shah “You got a boob job?”
Shah “Baby you know you liked it!”
B “No I’m getting married!”
Shah “NO shit! Who is the lucky guy!?”
B then goes off on telling me that she finally at the age of 34 rediscovered the nice guy who was one of her friends brother and that she is just in love with him and that he is perfect…bla bla bla bla…
Shah “So really? That guy? But he’s not your type? I mean you were always about guys who are a little taller and younger and a little more bad ass!”
B then goes off on telling me how nice he is to her and how he’s driving her parents to and from doctors appointments and blab la bla
Shah “So really? You went for the nice guy? But I thought he was not your type?”
B “Yeah he’s not”
Shah “So you are going to marry a guy who is not your type?.....”
B silence……”yes”
Shah “Hu? Well I wish you the absolute best and you better not have a single fatty as a brides maid because I’m going to be there for the wedding!”

So to sum it up boys I’m not a misogynist, but mother fucker I do see where they come from.
Girl goes around the block more than the town bicycle as tool food here and there….and well she was kinky and fun. And well one day her ovaries shot the message to her brain “OH SHIT WE HAVE FUCKED UP FIND A MAN AND TIE HIM DOWN!”
And well she discovered the “nice guy” she has known all of her life who had hit on her nonstop all of those years and is now finally getting the worlds sloppy seconds?

And that has got to get you to giggle a little……sloppy seconds……oh that poor poor poor poor boy……
I would have turned her down if I was Mr. Nice guy to her all of my life and now she comes back shaking her ass at me.

So thus god has proven to me two things!
1) Men age like fine wine and women age like cut flowers!
2) A dumb fuck will pick up sloppy seconds given the chance, so find one and use him as your wing man!