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Originally Posted by dex37 View Post
Yes, they are the only seats with Airbags. With all other seats you need coding. The BMW Performance seats are not worth it for me: almost the same height, almost the same hold, heavy, very expensive.
Was not aware that they were heavy but I suppose with the airbags in there, they can't be particularly light either.

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
If you ask me, those are a total waste. They're a little better than OEM but nowhere near as good as a fixed back seat for holding you in.
I agree with both that for the price they are definitely not worth it but I was just making the point that on a street driven car giving up airbags is a risky proposition. Someone should engineer a seat fastening mechanism that allows you to swap the OEM seats for racing seats in a few minutes (not sure if feasable).