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Originally Posted by manari06 View Post
The thing is that they should make the profit on the product and not the shipping charges which is an expense passed down to the consumer! I paid $300 for Priority shipping because it takes 7 to 14 days to be delivered APO and got htem shipped Parcel which takes 30 to 45 days minimum. I might get my wheels right before I redeploy back to Germany from Afghanistan! Not a single vendor here offer free shipping for what I seen.
To be fair to everyone. I believe there was a communication error to both parties. At fault, yes we'll admit that we made a mistake and should have been more clear on the shipping terms and conditions over the phone. OP's invoice does not mention anything about priority shipping. I wasn't involved in any of the conversing between OP and Bobby. I'm not sure what exactly went wrong here during the conversation and who made the first comment of priority shipping.

No where on the invoice was a mention of priority shipping. If I were to be taking the order and customer ask for priority, I would write it in the comments section of the order. It would also be in big notes so our shipping department knows.