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Let's be completely realistic here. Yes your inquiring about box dimensions and I didn't respond for various reasons. First, giving you box dimensions won't solve the issue here. Second, it won't change your image of us on the forums since you seems to be bias and have a set mind on how we operate. I did PM you to see if you ever need any help you can message me.

Since posting or giving box dimensions won't help the situation, there's absolutely no need to even start a more complicated situation. If the op ask me, I wouldn't mind giving him that info during his purchase.

Also we have talked to Bobby. He's talking a break from the forums and would be strictly doing backend stuff in our office.

Now, if there still concerns or things that I think would help this situation, I'll be glad to answer. I don't want to take this further into a deep discussion to cause more problems. Thanks for your understanding. And sorry for the hassles + miscommunication on our side.
I am in no way complicating the situation. The original situations are as follows:

Shipping cost (overpriced?)
Shipping Parcel when charging Priority

Since earlier in the thread we all couldn't come to an agreement on the proper cost of the items being shipped due to one person not insuring properly and yadi yada, I figured I would get the dimensions and insurance amount from you and settle the argument once and for all to see what the true price of shipping was. How am I complicating things if I am trying to resolve the ORIGINAL situation? I only have a set mind on how you operate simply because you can't give me information I request to resolve this issue.

In my eyes you are still avoiding this because this IS the situation at hand and you don't want us knowing the truth about it. Thus, not leaning in your favor, talk is cheap! Sure, you can sit here and say, "give us a try and we will do our best to give you good service." Who is to say that you are only doing it to calm the waters? Please prove me wrong in this matter other than replying with "fluff" excuses and wasting my time. Until then I will continue to enlighten others of your wrong doing and unwillingness to give the right answers to the questions we have.